Welcome to the Families First Community Service Portal!

              The Families First Community Service program is available for individuals who need to complete community service hours for court, school, or work.   


  • You are at least 18 years old. 
  • Court ordered community service offenses that are allowed are: DUI, Speeding Tickets, Loitering, Reckless Driving, and other misdemeanors (at Families First discretion).  
    • The following offenses are NOT eligible:
      • Felony offenses
      • Theft offenses such as shoplifting
      • Violent offenses including battery, assault or animal cruelty
      • Sexual offenses
      • Weapon possession


  • Before signing up for a shift you must submit proof of your charge, written documentation from the probation officer, counselor, attorney or other official, including phone numbers, fax numbers and other contact information. Documentation must be sent to volunteer@familiesfirst.org at least 1 day prior to your first shift.
  • Visit communityservice.familiesfirst.volunteerhub.com to register and submit your court-mandated service application.
  • Please note, if you sign up for a shift but do not meet the following criteria or have not previously submitted documentation, you will be turned away.


  • Only specifically designated Community Service shifts count towards your required service. 
  • Do not sign up for any volunteer service events other than the Community Service shifts you will find on this page - if you do so we will be grateful for your service but it will not be reported as counting towards your community service. 


  • Letters confirming service will be completed on Thursdays. To receive a letter you must fill out a completed service letter request form HERE.  The number of hours completed will coincide with the shifts signed up for and completed.

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